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Baja cultura

Undercover Books, 2023 Spanish edition


Between 2005 and 2010 the blog Las opiniones del Rufián Melancólico earned a place in Argentina’s literary and critical discussions of the moment. With more than 300 entries in a style that ranged from the vulgar to the sophisticated, the blog gave A.J. Soifer, or “El Rufián” as he was known during that time, the chance to start and boost a literary career that would later lead him to publish two books of journalistic chronicles, several novels, and countless media articles.

Now, in 2023 and when the era of blogs has practically been forgotten, this book offers a good sample of the posts that made Las opiniones del Rufián Melancólico and its author famous.

Divided into three parts, it offers eleven selected posts with literary reflections, chronicles and seven interviews with great Latin American writers (Rodolfo Fogwill, Yuri Herrera, Oswaldo Zavala, Claudia Piñeiro, Horacio Castellanos Moya, Pablo Ramos, and Jorge Alfonso) that could not have existed had it not been for the stir that Las opiniones del Rufián Melancólico caused at the time.

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