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Writer, editor, journalist, teacher



Hi, I am Alejandro Soifer, I received a Ph.D. in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures (Latin American Literature) at the University of Toronto.

My research is on contemporary Mexican and Latin American Gothic fiction and book history. 

After completing a bachelor's degree in Letras and a teaching degree in Spanish and Literature at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, I spent seven years teaching in my country's public and private high schools,  Universities and colleges. 
In 2017, I arrived in Toronto, where I pursued my Master's and Ph.D. 

Aside from my academic research and teaching, I have authored and published several novels and two non-fiction journalism books.

I have given talks at many events and places, the most recent being a public interview with Mexican writer Yuri Herrera at the Toronto Public Library and a series of two guest lectures at the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, México.


My research interests are contemporary Latin American (particularly Mexico and Argentina) and Latinx genre fiction narratives. My dissertation, titled A Mexican Gothic: Narco Horror, Necromarkets and Vampires with Machine Guns examines how Mexican horror and mystery fiction from the late 1990s to date have been reflecting the rapid and traumatic changes the country has been experiencing since it started its process of economic “modernization” during the last quarter of the XX century.

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